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LED Cabinet Signs

Advertise indoors or outdoors – in any kind of weather – day or night, with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED Cabinet Signs by Numeritex Displays

  Factory-Direct Pricing

Numeritex Displays manufactures its own products, so we can sell directly from our factory to you at wholesale prices! This means that you can take advantage of amazingly low prices since there is no middle man.

  Bright, Long-Lasting LEDs

The LEDs used in our signs are designed to provide uniform illumination, and are IP66 rated to prevent moisture or dust from interfering with their 200,000-hour lifespan. No bulbs to change in our signs - ever!

  Easy To Install

Our NEW LED Cabinet Signs come with precut "keyhole" mounting sockets to allow easy installation on any wall or solid flat surface. You'll also only need a common 120V electrical supply to light the sign.

Effective signage, night & day…

We apply 7-year translucent vinyl to high-quality white polycarbonate to give you a sign with vivid colors, no matter the time of day.
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LED sign products built to impress & to last...

Our LED Lightbox Sign cabinets are made of heavy-duty high-impact plastic to give you an attractive and durable sign that will last for years!


Our LED Cabinet Sign is a modern take on the traditional backlit signs that have gained in popularity since pioneered by movie theaters to showcase film posters at night. Now, all sorts of businesses use these versatile indoor/outdoor backlit signs. By using LEDs instead of traditional fluorescent light bulbs - meaning no bulbs to change ever, brighter displays, and less electric cost - these LED Cabinet Signs more affordable and versatile than ever before.

Some of the advantages of our indoor/outdoor LED Cabinet Sign:

  • Advertise indoors or outdoors (in any kind of weather), day or night with energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting
  • 200,000 hour rated LEDs mean less maintenance and no bulbs to change - ever!
  • We apply 7-year translucent vinyl to high-quality white polycarbonate to give you a sign with vivid colors, no matter the time of day.
  • Draw more eyes to your lightbox sign than with non-lit signs
  • Our heavy-duty, high-impact plastic cabinets are durable, long-lasting, and designed specifically to withstand all sorts of weather
  • Precut "keyhole" mounting holes allow easy mounting
  • Standard electrical junction box operates on common 120-volt circuits

LED Rating

100,000+ Hours

Operating Voltage

120V AC Standard

Operating Temperature

-40° to 122° F / -40° to 50° C

Sign Face

White Polycarbonate

Face Logo Material

7-Year Translucent Vinyl


Five-Year Factory Warranty

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5-Year Factory Warranty

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