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Full Color LED Displays

Our full-color LED video display lineup is designed to be very affordable, long lasting, easy to use and eye catching

Why Choose Numeritex LED Video Displays?

  • Affordable Full Color Displays
  • Ready to Fulfill Any Messaging Need
  • 100,000+ Hour LED Operation
  • Easy-to-Use Display Management over Wifi
  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Overnight Parts Replacement
  • Short Lead Times

About Numeritex LED Video Displays

Businesses can now afford effective video displays capable of showing videos, images and marketing messages that attract customers and keep them informed. Easily manage your display from the convenience of your home or office over WIFI via the internet. Display your marketing videos and messages 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Change your content as often as you like and schedule playlists to run at specific times throughout the year.

Video display marketing is a proven enhancement to any business. Promote and advertise your products and services on your display every day and attract new and existing customers to your business, event, or activity.

Bright, sharp, LED displays are now within reach of every business. Let us show you how affordable and effective a video display can be for your business.

IP65 Rated Weatherproof Design

IP65-Rated Weatherproof Design

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excluding Alaska & Hawaii

Pixel Pitch


More People Working

Photo Gallery


LED Viewing Angle


Display Configuration

Single or Double Sided

Standard Features

Light/Temperature Sensor, Software, Software Training, and Crate included


Wireless or Hardwired

Operating Voltage

120 - 240 Volts AC

Operating Temperature

-40° to 122° F / -40° to 50° C

Cabinet Material



Five-Year Parts / In-House Labor

Frequently Asked Questions

What size display should I chose?
Displays come in a variety of sizes. Ideally you want a display that is big enough for customers viewing the display to have time to read a few messages as they pass. Your sales rep can guide you in assessing your ideal display location, road speed and display size options for your location.
What is the pixel pitch of a display and why does it matter?
Pixel pitch is the size of the distance between individual LEDS on a display. The closer the distance is between pixels, the clearer the visibility is at certain distances. Indoor pixels pitches come in 3mm to 10mm, and outdoor displays come in 10mm to 20mm pitch sizes. Billboards usually are 16mm to 20mm. Typical outdoor displays come in 10mm-16mm, and indoor displays are 3mm -10mm.
How far away can I view a display?
Displays are measured by the minimum and maximum viewing distances. Your sales professional can advise you on an appropriate size display for your location and budget.
How do I create messages and content for my display?
You are provided easy to use software to run on your Windows based laptop for your display. You can also place your display in the cloud and use any internet connected device to publish content to your display. Your display can play all types of graphic and video files and create and play infinite text messages for your sign. A content library is included with your display to help get you up and running right away.
How long will a display last?
Our displays are designed to be long lasting and trouble free for many years. All of our displays come with a 5-year warranty on all parts for your display. If an issue arises, we will ship you repair parts overnight. We provide 24/7 support for assisting you with any issue you may have.
What types of messages and content can I show on my display?
Full color displays can play almost every type of graphic file you provide including Jpeg, PNG, BMP and MP4 Video. You can also play streaming content on your display.
Are time and temperature included with my display?
Time and temperature capability is included with all our display controllers.
What permits are required for my display?
Check with your local city or county government to find out what permits, regulations and restrictions there are at your sign location. Typically, the permit fees are low cost and require filling a simple form. We can aid with navigating this process if you need help.
Can I install my own display?
We provide video guides for installing a display at your location. We recommend hiring a local sign company for installing your display. We highly recommend using a certified electrician for connecting power from your display to your building or running power to your display location.
Who installs the displays?
We recommend using local sign companies for installing your display. They will have the contacts for installing the display and providing the power needed for your display.
Where should we place our display?
Choosing the ideal display location is critical. You will need to consider traffic speed, the ideal height for your location, the size of your display, and above and below ground interference possibilities. Be aware of parking issues such as tall vehicles parking near your display and potentially blocking your display from traffic. Is there electrical service near your display or will you need to run power from your building to the display? Your sales consultant will guide you through this process.
What do electronic displays cost?
Pricing varies widely and is based on the size of the display, the pixel pitch of the display, the height of the display, and if the single- or double-sided display needed. Let your salesperson explore the best options for your display based on your needs and budget.
How do I communicate with my display?
Each display can be programmed using a hard-wired Ethernet cable run from the display to a router into your building, connecting to your network via Wi-Fi, connecting to the display via the internal AP Wi-Fi signal at the display, or connecting via a cell modem installed in the display. We also have Wi-Fi bridge and Long-Range Wi-Fi network extenders if necessary.
What type of power is required for my display?
Video display power requirement vary by the size and pixel pitch of a total display. We typically recommend using a 120v/30amp circuit or 240/20amp circuit for many of our typical display projects.
Do I need a single- or double-sided display?
Determining if you need a single- or double-sided display is based on the location of your display. If traffic typically travels in one or two directions at your display location determines if you will need a single- or double-sided display.
What types of materials are the displays made with?
The full color displays are designed using high-definition LED components that will run strong and bright day and night, year after year. All our displays structures are created using high grade galvanneal steel that is powder coated to prevent color fading.
What is the lead time for getting a display installed?
As the manufacturer of high-quality displays, we can typically provide a ready to be installed display in 4-6 weeks.

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