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Create an Effective Message Schedule

April 04, 2022

Customers are creatures of habit. We like planned and predictable events, like sales, holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.

We have to get our kids to school on-time, get to work on-time, have lunch and work-out based on our schedules. Digital LED signage can be used to help people know your schedule and adapt to their schedule. Here is how:

  • Always remind your audience of your business hours or the hours of your church service.
  • Remind parents when their children need to be dropped-off or picked-up.
  • Remind adults about that prescription they need to pick-up.
  • Have a daily special? That’s a good message.
  • Have a regular lunch or dinner special? That is also a good message.
  • Remind the community about a sporting event, or a fund-raiser.
  • Build a customer base by creating messages about local birthdays or anniversaries, parades or other festivities.

An effective digital LED sign will not only benefit your business or organization but could also become a community resource. Engage your audience and your customer base in new and brilliant ways!

Our skilled team at Numeritex is looking forward to helping you connect with your patrons and community with a beautiful, eye-catching digital sign. Give us a call today to see how we can set your ideas in motion!

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