Time/Temp Plus ®

Time and Temperature LED Display

Time-Temp Plus + Numeritex Displays
Time/Temp Plus ®, gives you four signs built into 1!


Which can all be shown in rotation or only the functions you want displayed. This is a high-quality, affordable LED sign option for hotels, financial institutions or other businesses.

Time/Temp Plus ® Features

 4 and 5 digit formats available
100,000+ hour rated LEDs available from 8” to 24” tall
Multiple stroke digits for the ultimate brightness in daylight viewing
Wireless control standard (150 + feet of range)
240 levels of automatic brightness control
Display Duration: 3 to 9-seconds
Time displays in 12 and/or 24 hour format
Temperature displays in Fahrenheit and/or Celsius
Price displays to 99.99 in 4-digit display format
Price displays to 999.99 in 5-digit display format
Date displays in mm/dd format
Low profile, 2.5” deep display housing

Hotel LED Signs + Numeritex Displays

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