Pump Toppers

Electronic Display Sign

Pumptoppers + Numeritex Displays

Drive customers into your convenience store with an electronic display sign. While your customer is filling up their vehicle, messages directly above the pump encourage visits inside your store.

Whether you want to display the price of your fuel only, or display sales to your customers, Pump Toppers may be your solution!

Features of the Pump Toppers

Available in any combination of Red/Amber/Green – complete flexibility!
Single or double faced
Time/date option on message center
Alternate between pricing on single unit (example: “Cash”/“Credit”)
4-6 week lead time
Full QWERTY keyboard controls ALL units on site, giving you complete control over message duration and content. 1,000’ range!
5-inch digits available for 2, 3 and 4 grade cabinets
10-inch digits available for 1 and 2 grade cabinets
Only want to display the price? Customize it with your logo!

Pump Toppers Product Information Video

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