Gas-Trac Frequently Asked Questions

Gas-Trac a Fuel Price Sign + Numeritex Displays

Gas-Trac is an excellent, cost-efficient gas price changer option. If your question isn’t answered below, then call our Murray, Kentucky office!

No, that’s the advantage of Gas-Trac. It fits easily into your existing copy track rails. (See Gas-Trac Info Sheet for complete installation steps.)

If your copy rails are in good shape, an experienced sign installer can complete the job in about 2 hours.

No, not at all. The wireless keypad was designed for extremely simple operation of your gas price display. Just push the up or down button for the corresponding display.

Yes, each Gas-Trac system is given a unique frequency number that ensures your display is under your exclusive control.

No, you can purchase displays one at a time and add others later.

Three colors of LEDs are currently available – Red, Yellow, and Green.

Gas-Trac LED displays come in digit heights from 8 to 24 inches tall.

Gas-Trac is built to be lightweight. As a point of reference, our 10-inch display weighs around 12 pounds.

Yes, Gas-Trac LED gas price changers incorporate multi-stroke technology and superbright LEDs to ensure your sign is seen even on the sunniest days. Gas-Trac also has a built-in light sensor with 240 levels of dimming to automatically adjust for changing light conditions.

Yes, there is a Gas-Trac model designed to display the specific price format for Canada; otherwise known as liter price format.

Yes, Gas-Trac is available in a condensed version that does not include the decimal point.

Yes, Gas-Trac can be used for your canopy application.
Numeritex Gas Trac