The Gas-Trac retrofits into your existing sign. It gives you an affordable, easy to use LED gas price changer.

Gas-Trac + Numeritex Displays
Quick & easy installation
Fits into existing changeable copy tracks
Increases store traffic with enhanced visibility
Convenient wireless remote communication
Available in red, amber, green or white LEDs with an LED rating of 100,000+ hours
Standard digit heights are available from 8 to 24 inches tall
Over 1,000 levels of automatic intensity adjustment
Wireless remote control features simple, single-button operation
Link additional displays with ease

Gas-Trac Product Information Video

2 ways for you to update your display

Gas-Trac incorporates a handheld wireless remote with a communication range of 300 feet (92 meters). This allows for one-button operation of up to 4 different price displays.

Or you can use GasCellink, our latest and most innovative system to easily change your prices from anywhere in the world by simply using your mobile device.

“LED signs increase sales 15% – 150% at 10% of the cost of other advertising.” — Study released by the Small Business Administration

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