Retrofit LED Message Board

Econo-Trac + Numeritex Displays

The Econo-Trac slides right into your existing sign, giving you an affordable, easy to use LED message board.

Fits into existing changeable copy tracks
Uses upper and lowercase letters, plus symbols
5×7 pixel matrix for each character
Maximum display size: 30 characters wide, 8 lines tall 14 messages stored in keyboard.
Displays one message at a time on the board
Displays time in 12 or 24 hour formats
Optional temperature probe displays degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius
Features a thin-profile: 1.5” cabinet
Simple keyboard controller to change messaging, no extra software required

Econo-Trac Product Information Video

Testimonial –
“Awesome visibility! No major installs & no expensive monthly internet or communication fees! Better yet-no more suction cup on a stick! ”
– Eric Estes
President/CEO Estes Enterprises Inc. Franchisee – Long John Silvers

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DOWNLOAD  the Econo-Trac WIFI Software