Write a LED message that attracts customers

You’ve chosen your electronic message board for your business or organization and now it’s time to decide the message. It may seem simple, but when you consider the limited space on your sign, it can become a daunting task.

Here’s how to write an LED message that attracts customers.


  1. Decide what action you want your audience to take. Do you want them to attend an event? Visit your store and buy something specific? Your copy should always feature a call to action. Try incorporating verbs such as these: Add, Buy, Take, Join, Stop, Go,
  2. Write out your draft and then get creative! Think about what your customer driving by may be thinking about, wanting, or worrying about. Is there a way to incorporate that into your message in a concise way?
  3. Keep it concise. You have a limited number of characters and each passerby only has a couple of seconds to read and process your sign’s message. Once you’ve written your message draft, try these techniques for making it more concise
  4. Last step is to always let one other person look at it. Have them check spelling and meaning. Go back to number one, does your message clearly invite your customer to take action?


A key point to remember when you’re writing your message is that simple is always better. Being too creative or too descriptive can leave your audience confused, which means they skip your business.  

Keep your message simple, concise and allow the bright LEDs to communicate with your potential customers both day and night.  Not sure which LED sign will work for your business? Take our short quiz to find the right electronic message board for your gas station, business, church, school or other organization!

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